Massage Therapy

Why massage therapy?

Touch is a basic human need and for centuries the benefits of massage and its impact on our health and well-being have been widely acknowledged. Conditions that are assisted include: Stress, anxiety & depression, Arthritis & muscle pain, Constipation, Weak immune function, Sinusitis & hay fever, Physical & mental exhaustion, Mood swings, Poor circulation, PMS & menstrual problems, Insomnia.

With such busy lives, massage also offers us an opportunity to “switch off” and allow our bodies & minds a timeout.

Massage Therapy by Feel Well Natural Therapies

Remedial/Deep tissue massage

Relieve muscular tension and lifestyle overload! By combining a number of techniques this massage

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Reiki is a simple yet profound system of natural healing for body, mind, and spirit. Reiki therapy is applied

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The use of essential oils dates beyond 5000BC and were highly valued for their medicinal and therapeutic

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Pregnancy Massage

Whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at, you will know if a massage is what you need. Pregnancy is a time of great adjustment

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Swedish/Relaxation Massage

A deeply relaxing massage using long, slow and gentle strokes over the body, followed by deeper kneading movements

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Hot Stone Massage

The true relaxation experience! Prepare yourself for this unique and extremely soothing massage treatment that results

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